WTF is wrong with the stalker
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Steve Carroll
2017-04-26 11:00:38 UTC
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Obsession: by Jonas Eklundh:
I suspect you do not even know what is wrong with Steve "the Snit sock" Carroll. Marek created at least 20 KVMS in the last year or so. I bet nobody else has ever done that. Having to suffer the use of spreadsheet is too much for Steve "the Snit sock" Carroll to deal with. My goodness Snit is obsessed with Sandman... or is it the other way around? http://youtu.be/UkAyrfOZaXc

I am working on a system which will show off how weak spreadsheet is. I'm getting a lot of killed files. I'm guessing the pea-brained Mac cultist has gone ballistic again. It is utter bliss to not read that crap.

You're clueless!

My Snoring Solution

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Steven Petruzzellis
2017-04-26 17:36:42 UTC
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It doesn't matter because the name on a post means nothing, it's the content that counts. Another successful Linux Android test. That is if you count useless crap as a success.

He is as incompetent as Snit.

Who is obsessed with whom? http://youtu.be/UkAyrfOZaXc

http://www.5z8.info/php-start_GPS_tracking-user_j3m3lg_whitepower what more do you need to know?

See: I noted specific examples of Marek lying, focusing on ego and not tech, blaming me for the actions of others, etc. Your response: to repeat the same nonsense. The Starmaker shreds Snit in every way possible. Marek can create a virtual machine. Of course that is not possible on anything but Linux! Dropping support for anything Snit uses is needed for progress.
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Jonas Eklundh Communication AB
Jonas Eklundh
2017-05-02 18:33:51 UTC
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You're like an idiot fat man hiding behind a very skinny tree. We all see you hiding there and tell you as much. And you're so stupid you keep denying it.

Compare what you see here!
Unbelievable how long you are still trolling.

ronb has yet to show how any Linux program does anything above the LCD on Linux.

I suspect you do not even know what is wrong with Jerry Stuckle. Linux offers the least to the least. There is no question that all of them are not automated because some of them tap into what He Who Shall Not Be Named said, and that occur in very specific ways with clear thought behind them, not just gibberish. IOW, while some could be automated others are definitely not. See: I noted specific examples of Marek flat out making things up, showing off insecurity, falsely attributing someone else's words to me, etc. Your response: to beg your herd to come rescue you. Proof of the website skills of Sandman, Jonas Eklundh: http://youtu.be/5OfWsoPAg7o You likely think KDE handles the desktop well. Nope. Not compared to what I have.

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