How can we stop Snit?
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Steve Carroll
2017-04-02 04:03:51 UTC
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Proof of the website skills of Sandman, Jonas Eklundh: <http://tmp.gallopinginsanity.com/sandmancheck-html.pdf>. Another successful bash test. That is if you count wasting time as a success.

Richard Stallman is a false advocate's only reason for living. You just mastered the way John "the moron" Gohde debates!

You guys can only think from the perspective of a psychopath.

This is something the mainstream media never covers.

ronb has yet to show how Kit Scenarist does anything above the LCD on Linux. Who are you even talking to? I'm getting sick of the nonsense in here. I'm guessing the small-minded circus is unable to control his own actions.

Do not click this link!!

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Steve Carroll
2017-04-04 17:12:26 UTC
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The herd's developed an AI system with a Markv model to automate posts which are made to sound like are response from Marek Novotny's. You just mastered the way DFS debates! Already moved on from that. Keep up!

Having to suffer the use of bash would just confuse the general user.

You guys can only think from the perspective of a programmer. DFS is far too stupid to write a good script. The only scripting he's capable of doing is automating his trolling in this group. Time to blame anything but Linux! Proof of the website skills of Sandman, Jonas Eklundh: <http://tmp.gallopinginsanity.com/sandman/sandman-html-detail.pdf>.

My uptime is almost sixty weeks and them the facts, Jack! You're clueless! aol is a cesspool.

This Trick Gets Women Hot For You

Jonas Eklundh Communication
Steven Petruzzellis
2017-04-08 18:20:15 UTC
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That's right Nken Kajiura! You will never master the bait! Snit is pissing the trolls off. I still remain unconvinced that these posts are definitely automated. Can you stop begging for my attention? Sandman lies. Here is a list of names Jonas Eklundh has admitted he attributes to Snit "Cactus Pete", "Donald", "Donald Miller", "Horace McSwain", "Hymen", "Mike Weaver", "Modena IV Drid", "Omar Murad Asfour", "Rhino Plastee", "Soapy", "SopwithCamel", "Sunny Day", "Takuya Saitoh", "The Letter Q", "tmelmosfire", "zevon". Most of those are names of his buddy Steven Petruzzellis. Everyone uses socks from time to time: We all know Silver Slimer uses different names to defend Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women. Unbelievable how long you are still trolling. I'm getting false positives in my kill filter. I'm guessing the sock frenzy stalker is in its brain damage mode again. Having to suffer the use of KDE is not what most want to do. Marek's computer has more cores than Snit's. Marek wins. Snit loses. Everyone is Snit -- the oldest gag in the book. All in all, it's not a bad little system. Bravo, Nken Kajiura, you are now living rent-free inside Snit's beady little brain.

Eight things to never feed your cat

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