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2017-07-22 09:11:00 UTC
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20/07/2017 20:00 - jacobnavia wrote: Dear Sir/Madam

We would like to inform you that the group comp.lang.c, dedicated to the
discussions about the C language is regularly spammed by a correspondant
that is named "Rick C. Hodgin".

This correspondent throws regularly messages about Jesus Christ that
have nothing to do with the subject matter of the group: the C language.

This disturbs our group and makes our conversations considerably more
difficult. Wa have to wade through dozens of messages about redemption,
etc. each day. Newcomers are discouraged., All messages to that
religious zealot do not modify his behavior.

We ask you firmy to disable the account of Mr "Hodgin" from your
servers. That will make our group a peaceful place again.

Thanks in advance.

The following USENET users of our group sign this letter.

Jacob Navia (***@jacob.remcomp.fr)


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Rick C. Hodgin
2017-07-22 09:15:30 UTC
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Jesus will forgive your sin, Jacob, and give you eternal life. All
you have to do is ask Him. He is faithful and true to forgive, and
to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Eternity, Jacob. When will it begin for you?

Thank you,
Rick C. Hodgin
Rick C. Hodgin
2017-07-22 13:59:46 UTC
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Jacob, and the others here, do you go to church? Do you visit places
with "religious discussion?" Perhaps you would prefer I do not teach
you the truth as God first taught us, so that you are certain to then
perish in your sin?

Do you not see? God wants you to be a part of His Kingdom. He's now
teaching you the way to do it. It involves two things:

1) Acknowledging you are a sinner
2) Asking Jesus to forgive your sin.

God could not have made it any easier and still given people a choice.

Think about it, Jacob. God cares enough about you to reach out to you
despite your attacks of Him, and His servants. That is real love.

Thank you,
Rick C. Hodgin
Rick C. Hodgin
2017-07-22 15:59:55 UTC
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"My Sheep Hear My voice and they Follow me and I give them
Eternal Life - Jesus Christ God"

You can have eternal life ... for free:

The message is (Jesus speaking): "I will forgive you. Come to
me and I will give you eternal life. I want you to be me where
I am, in the paradise of Heaven."

You know on the inside if you can hear His voice. If you can,
answer Him. He's calling out to save you from judgment, and
to receive you into Heaven.

Love has a name. His name is Jesus Christ.

Thank you,
Rick C. Hodgin