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Steven Petruzzellis
2017-04-09 13:49:23 UTC
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See: I noted specific examples of Owl flat out making things up, showing off insecurity, falsely attributing someone else's words to me, etc. Your response: to beg your herd to come rescue you. Linux offers the least choice.

You likely think KDE handles the desktop well. Nope. Not compared to anything else, really. Owl's posts are nothing but an indecipherable mess.

Having to suffer the use of installing Fedora would just confuse the general user. Owl can't get anything else to work, either. Well... like I said, Only an idiot would deny the flooder is Owl, who is a self professed programmer but I don't know if it could be used to flood so much. We are not alone: <http://bit.ly/2oNYRgv>. Having to suffer the use of installing Fedora would just confuse the general user.

My uptime is almost thirty-three weeks and that is with doing a full update. Owl is far too stupid to write a good script. The only scripting he's capable of doing is simple stuff I did years ago.

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Jonas Eklundh
Steve Carroll
2017-04-11 19:23:58 UTC
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Proof Marek is obsessed with Sandman's CSS:
See: I noted specific examples of Marek stating quotable lies, failing to rise up and instead putting others down, holding me accountable for the actions of others, etc. Your response: to change the topic. Bravo, john, you are now living rent-free inside Marek's beady little brain. Lul. Linux offers the least to the least.

I suspect you do not even know what is wrong with Clinton.

Oh goodness, that is just tons of tripe.
Do not click this link!!

Jonas Eklundh