Smokers are smarter, I say.
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Steve Carroll
2017-04-28 09:59:39 UTC
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Where did you get that from, John Gohde? LOL: <http://www.5z8.info/killallimmigrants_t8w8io_asian-brides>. Everyone uses socks from time to time: We all know Silver Slimer used to be just Slimer. COLA is a cesspool. And in response you have nothing but an attempt to start a circus. Nobody is being controlled by a corporation. You are as dumb as a shoe. Already moved on from that. Keep up!

You refuse to take responsibility for your own actions. Actions that are easily quoted and pointed out.

I suspect you do not even know what is wrong with John Gohde. http://www.5z8.info/freeanimalporn.com-start-download_s9j7do_dogporn is all you need to know. If the content is a bunch of rambling bullshit that points to one person.
Eight things to never feed your cat

Jonas Eklundh
2017-04-28 13:57:36 UTC
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get of to jail (one year) spaming vandalising pig,
you were never funny piggie - jail is your place
/ hope someday thy will catch you and you will pay for your piggy vandalistation unfunny shitman

i see you think youre funny but youre only crappy vandalising pig and you could be surprised for this
how your illusions met with reality - i hope the hick in your dumb mouth will be adequately strong for yr longtime vandalism and waste
Steven Petruzzellis
2017-05-02 18:58:49 UTC
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See: I noted specific examples of Petruzzellis flat out making things up, showing off insecurity, falsely attributing someone else's words to me, etc. Your response: to change the topic. Oh goodness, that is just tons of tripe.

Another successful Linux Android test. That is if you count wasting time as a success. http://tinyurl.com/kmqe66h boyah! Marek is a false advocate's hero. You're clueless! Spoken like a true Republican.

Top Ten Ways Snit Trolls!!

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