Some thoughts on the philosophy of geometry.
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Steven Petruzzellis
2017-07-19 04:18:54 UTC
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That's what he does when he gets mad. He immediately creates a sock, starts a cross posted thread so he can claim he didn't do it. Hey it was my left hand... And then he replies to it with his right hand. That's right Bill Cunningham! We are not alone: <https://www.facebook.com/JonasEklundh>. For a good time click <http://tinyurl.com/gsleb4p>. Not too many people fit that bill.
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Steve Carroll
2017-07-20 02:38:00 UTC
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Can you stop begging for my attention? A screeching decapitated body of idiocy copyrighted by the psychotic jester of disapproval. A hopeless dream, out of my reach. The text of the post is a bunch of baby sh*t that points to one person. Who has screwed their Google search worse?
Finally we have an answer

<giggle> The new norm in America <https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012978552519>. Sandman lies. Here is a list of names Jonas Eklundh has admitted he attributes to Marek "Snit lover" Novotny "Cactus Pete", "Donald", "Donald Miller", "Horace McSwain", "Hymen", "meat","Mike Weaver", "Modena IV Drid", "Omar Murad Asfour", "Rhino Plastee", "Soapy", "SopwithCamel", "Sunny Day", "Takuya Saitoh", "The Letter Q", "tmelmosfire", "zevon". Most of those are names of his buddy Steven Petruzzellis. LOL: <http://bit.ly/2oNYRgv>.

Holy cow! http://youtu.be/UkAyrfOZaXc Watch all the gaslighting going on in COLA.

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Rick C. Hodgin
2017-07-20 12:35:42 UTC
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To the OP on this thread:

As a bot or script you do nothing. But as the person behind that bot
or script, you affect lives.

Your choices are harming people. You're doing bad things to many people.
I know you don't want to harm people and cause them pain in their life.
I know that you want love and compassion like the rest of us. And there
is a way to have that love, and receive that compassion. It might seem
outwardly like some kind of joke, but it is no joke. There is real love,
real compassion, real deep forgiveness and an embracing that will rock
you to your core. It is found in the man Jesus Christ, and in His gift
of forgiveness of your sin.

If you want to know real love ... then reach out and receive it. You
can receive His forgiveness right there were you are just by asking Him
to forgive you.

There is peace in the Lord. The angst is silenced, as peace and love
reign supreme in the heart. It is desirable, and rewarding, to live a
life that is so filled.

Consider these words as you continue to wield this hurtful, harmful
bot. You have a choice to continue doing harm, or you can embrace His
free gift of real and eternal love, of the kind that is the most
honorable, deepest felt, like the way a parent's love should be for
their child when all is right, but even more so as the God of Creation
loves His Creation.

I look forward to the day I can stand with you in this world in Christ.

Thank you, and may the Lord touch your soul,
Rick C. Hodgin
Steve Carroll
2017-07-22 01:27:30 UTC
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This is what is wrong with usenet http://youtu.be/UkAyrfOZaXc Proof of the website skills of Sandman, Jonas Eklundh: <http://tmp.gallopinginsanity.com/sandman/sandmancheck-html-detail.pdf>. The spam-virus in my skull as I dream of replacing it with rotting flesh. I am working on code which will show off how weak Xfce is. A ceaseless torrent of posts, nevertheless produced with a bored marsupial, followed by a successful search for the 'post' button. Both of those guys get their kicks out of eliciting emotional reactions to their lies, which is the very definition of a troll.
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Steven Petruzzellis
2017-07-25 04:16:23 UTC
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Facts about Steve "Steven Petruzzellis" Carroll

Steve "Steven Petruzzellis" Carroll is a nearly 60 year old guy who is single, broke and has no skills. He blames Jesus Christ for his loss of his wife and girlfriend. Steven is jealous of what Jesus Christ has and in a narcissistic rage repeatedly works to take it away from him. For over 10 years he has failed at even this. Steve "Steven Petruzzellis" Carroll is an utter failure in life.

Of his online life Steven says

I've been booted off by past providers before because people
complain about me and all my bullshit. I don't want to lose my ISP
*again* but I still need my army of sock puppets so I continually
search usenet for whatever servers I haven't yet been booted

Some examples where Steven has been booted

X10 Hosting booted Steven for inappropriate activity

Comcast booted Steven for inappropriate activity

FreeHostingEU booted Steven for copyright infringement http://devsite.eu.pn

AwardSpace (atwebpages.com) booted Steven for breaking terms of service

Imgur took down an image for breaking terms of service http://imgur.com/yv2XppE

Had a GigaNews account which was removed for harassingJesus Christ

Stopped posting from his fretwizzen Google account since shortly after I complained. Seems he lost that too.

His wife booted Steven to the curb for cheating on her

Only site Steven Petruzzellis has pointed to that has ever been available

Made by the Go Daddy Website builder and is utter crap. Later he denied he said he was merely taking credit for someone else's work but Steven is the contact person http://tinyurl.com/hcw6dul

He also bragged he was working on an update and showed it here https://vid.me/u6RK

The business still failed.

He likely went to the Go Daddy Website Builder after he failed to get WordPress installed.


This is why Steve "Steven Petruzzellis" Carroll attacks Jesus Christ.

Steven Petruzzellis was is divorced because his wife caught him screwing another woman.

Jesus Christ is married and by all appearances happily so.
He never complains about his wife in COLA.

Steven Petruzzellis is living on charity of a friend in a single room.

Jesus Christ does not live in a mansion or even a high end home but has a house and a yard.

Steven Petruzzellis has two kids but no respect. He repeatedly called Ryan his "little screwup" and refers to his son Steve as a "dick" and worse. He says at least one of them likely hacked his computer and is a "mentally deficient child." He mocks his possible future daughter-in-law as someone who takes too many selfies and is focused only on herself

Jesus Christ has two kids (or more) and never speaks poorly of them in public.
No reason to think they are not a happy family.

Steven Petruzzellis claims to be a stay at home dad who pays thousands of dollars for day care. Steven has no job and no purpose in life. Steven has given up and now seeks a mother-figure to date.

Jesus Christ has his own business doing technical work and also teaches.
Jesus Christ offers a true contribution to society.
Teachers are truly under appreciated.

This broke the Internet!
Jonas Eklundh Communication