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Steve Carroll
2017-04-08 23:24:14 UTC
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How Steven Petruzzellis determines when to use their flood script to best emulate the style of vallor's posts http://usenet.sandman.net/misc/snit_flood.

Snit's done a pretty good job with (I'd guess) the Viterbi algorithm to produce texts which are in the form of ones from a previous post in the group. That's right vallor! What do you get out of lying, banj? Do you have a high school diploma? Where did you get that from, banj? Do you even believe the nonsense you are spewing? Get out your Bingo cards and mark off a spot any time someone talks about Trump but uses a logical fallacy.

Watch all the gaslighting going on in alt.os.linux.

Top 15 Ways Snit Trolls!!

Jonas Eklundh Communication AB
Jonas Eklundh
2017-04-09 04:22:33 UTC
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How is Chrome on Linux doing anything above the lowest common denominator? For a good time click <http://tinyurl.com/gsleb4p>.

Unbelievable how long you are still trolling. Can you stop begging for my attention?

Don't look now, but I think Thomas 'PointedEars' Lahn has a serious brocrush on Marek. The Mack has more consistent hot keys. Marek will never live that down.

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Steven Petruzzellis
2017-04-09 13:38:26 UTC
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Steve "Steven Petruzzellis" Carroll's obsession with Snit started in 2004 when Carroll got mad about his then girlfriend obsessing over Snit (heavily documented here: <http://tinyurl.com/proof-about-ebot>). Snit continued to respond to Steve for about 5 years, when Steve flipped out in 2009 and started contacting Snit's employer with the stated goal to have him fired (he spoke of doing so even if he had to twist arms):


There were more, but Carroll has had them deleted from the Google archive. I have not spent the time to find them elsewhere (and likely will not).

With that Snit stopped responding directly to Steve except for *one* chance he gave him in 2011 when Steve was accusing *Snit* of running: <http://goo.gl/racU64>.

Carroll, as predicted, ran (he always does when faced with facts):

Steven Petruzzellis knows he has no backing for any of his nonsense and has become, if anything, more and more obsessive since Snit stopped responding to him.

Steve "Steven Petruzzellis" Carroll is truly a very, very sick man.

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